2015 NTL season

The 2015 NTL season begins on September 23rd 2014 with the season opener being Grant vs. Issac.The season will included the FITA world cup.After a winter break the players come back and in March there will be a All-star break then in May the Outlaw tournament will happen.Then well that wraps up the 7th Legacy tournament will happen and end in June.

Terence Sinn Retires!

Yesterday,September 6th,2014 Terence Sinn Officially retired from the NTL. Sinn, whose career spanned from 2007-2014 never missed a Legacy tournament in his career.Though he never won it his best finish was 2nd in 2013 to Jack Clemons his master. Terence who had 3,001 wins,the most wins of all time won the minor league tournament in 2008 and 3rd in the NEXTTL tournament in 2010 was known as one of the toughest players in NTL history. Sinn was voted as the 3rd best player in the 5th anniversary of the NTL .Terence is a candidate for the 2015 Tetherball Hall of Fame.