Team by Team Previews: Hadies Tetherball

Hades tetherball is more scary after adding Issac Gonzalez to the team.With Wyatt Veldmen back this team is ready to roll.      Team Ranking:3


2014 team by team previews :Braeden Terry Tetherball

Braeden Terry tetherball’s Grant Gardner was the NTL champ last year which is a title he is looking to defend,and join Sean Bursek as the only two players ever to win two NTL Legacy tournament trophies as the world champion for a year.Other players on this team include Rookies Rowan Brone and Logan Ricardson. Rowan wasn’t even on this team until Logan Ricardson(Conner Richardson’s little brother) was injured.Rowan has filled in well and is ranked 20.The future looks great for Braeden Terry Tetherball.                                                                                                                                                                  Team Ranking:1

Player of the Week:Evan Choi

The first ever player of the week goes to Silx family tetherball’s Evan Choi .Evan played brilliantly this week. First drafted as a backup behind Kenneth Castles.Evan got his real chance after Kenneth got injured.But he still had to Beat Calvin Niu. After that he blasted starting the season 16th he is ranked 9 now.He looks like he will be a great player in the future.

2014 FITA world cup update

FITAThe 2014 FITA world cup is pretty much ready as the main stadium is done.On the other hand teams had a hard time cutting done the rosters.The USA had the hardest time cutting done the rosters,they had to cut there roster done from 32 to the limit.Every country could only enter 3 teams in the world cup.South Korea and the US had all three teams qualified.The groups have been sorted out as all the spots have been filled.The most surprising thing about the world cup is that only one team from Africa made it in.

2014 Rookie debuts

Recently a lot of lesser known rookies have started making there debuts.

The 7th pick of the 2014 draft Chandler Tuupo made a surprising debut beating two time National Tetherball League champion Sean Bursek. Phil Mai a MLT and NEXTTL champion contender made his first game good too(he beat David Oh).On the same day Chandler made his debut Rowan Borne made his debut,even though he lost he looks like a good player to look for the future.Other less known rookies who have made there debut included: Jonas Knowns,Lucas Hsu,Noah Garcia,and Chance Chaick.