2014 NTL Holidays Cup

The Holidays Cup is the first event of the 2015 NTL season. It runs though December 8th to the 18th.


Finish Number Name Team
1 7 Grant Gardner Braedon Terry Tetherball
2 8 Ian Shultz Schwarzenbach Tetherball
5 63 Isaac Gonzalez Hades Tetherball
3 17 Forest Wesley Italy Sports
4 10 Nathan Shilley Aldon Lobo Tetherball
6 12 Chandler Tuupo Aldon Lobo Tetherball
7 18 Kyle Zhao Watkins Tetherball
8 53 Maxwell Andrews Magnati-Andoris
9 18 Mark Brasel Brasel Sports
10 9 Andrew Margolis Performers presents Kuzman-Antolii
11 95 Chance Chinick Watkins Tetherball
12 15 Lucas Hsu N/A

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