2015 NTL All-Star Guide

This year the NTL will have a all-star break. It will happen from April 6th to the 10th. The top 12 NTL players will play.

Players and Results

1. Grant Gardner    1st

2. Ian Shutlz            3rd

3. Forest Wesley      2nd

4. Evan Choi             4th

5. Nathan Shilley       8th

6. Charlie Bass          10th

7. Kyle Zhao               5th

8. Elliot Spatz            12th

9. Isaac Gonzalez       6th

10. Andrew Margolis   7th

11. Kevin Lieue           11th

12. David Oh               9th

2015 Veteran Combine Guide


Yup, this year the NTL will have a veteran combine it is scheduled officially to happen on Thursday April 3rd 2015. A lot of former players will be there. Daniel Gemchu, who is a free agent currently and has worked out for a few teams will be there. Another one is Chase Falla. Also former 2009 #1 daft pick Alex Nauth will be there. Here’s a complete list. Look for more News on this page.


Daniel,Alex and Lucus top combine

Players and Results

1.Daniel Gemchu

2.Conner Richardson

3. Alex Nauth

4. Chase Falla

5. Aslan Watkins

6. Keith Hendershoot

7. Jeremy Chu

8. Brandon Son

9. Jackson Anteico

10. Calvin Niu

11. Nidhi Tandle

12. Rowan Brone

13. Mark Brasel

14. Nolan Blaco

15. Riley Chang

16. Wade Boyd

17. Lucas Hsu

18. Conner Anderson

19. Ben Armstrong