Live! 2015 Outlaw Tournament

 Questions: Can the legend Sean Bursek beat Lucas Hsu and stop Hsusanity in his tracks? Can 2 seeded Mark Brasel make up for last years disappointment and beat rookie Danial Koo?

Live Scores

1. 2. Mark Brasel vs. Danial Koo  9-5 Final 3:00 p.m.

2. 3. Sean Bursek vs. Lucas Hsu  9-2  Final 3:10 p.m.


Final Scores: 2015 Outlaw Tournament Day 1

Can Andrew beat Christian in the first game? Can the legend Sean Bursek beat Lucas Hsu and stop Hsusanity in his tracks?Can Charlie Bass beat rookie Chance Chinick?

Live Scores

1. 1 Andrew Margolis vs. 8 Christian Koh 9-1 Final 2:45 p.m.

2. 3. Sean Bursek vs. 6. Lucas Hsu  7-9 Final 2:30 p.m.

3. 4. Charlie Bass at. 5. Chance Chinick 9-7 Final 3:05 p.m.

Andrew Margolis Still Confused by Call

On April 3rd the final day of regular season. It looked like Andrew Margolis had the 15 seed in the Legacy Tournament locked up. But then due to a official ruling by the Board of the NTL. Nathan Shilley, who is in the same division as Andrew and had the same record was given the 15th seed. Andrew who only loss 9 times will play in the Outlaw Tournament as a 1 seed instead. Andrew said that he should deserve a spot in the Legacy Tournament. The board will meet on Sunday to talk.

Tournament Memories: Jack Finally Wins

In 2013 Jack Clements was a 3 time MVP with 3 runner ups in the Legacy tournament. At the start of the Legacy Tournament Jack Clements was 29-1 and was the 1 seed. He beat Alex Iisucu in the first round. Then he beat Sean Bursek, his long time rival. Then he beat Adonis Baker in 3 games. Finally the stage was set for master(Jack) vs. Padwan(Terence). He won the MVP and the championship.

2015 Legacy Tournament is All Set!

Today the seeds and dates were officially announced. The Outlaw Tournament starts on April 28th and ends on May 11th. The players in the Outlaw Tournament are 1. Andrew Margolis, 2. Mark Brasel, 3. Sean Bursek, 4. Charlie Bass, 5. Chance Chinick, 6. Lucas Hsu, 7. Daniel Koo and 9. Christian Koh. The Legacy Tournament starts an May 12th and ends on June 19th. Here are the players 1. Forest Wesley, 2. Evan Choi, 3. Grant Gardner, 4. Caden Wong, 5. Derrick Whitman, 6. Kyle Zhao, 7. Elliot Spatz , 8. David Oh, 9. Logan Blank, 10. Ian Shutlz, 11.Kevin Lieue , 12. Max Andrews, 13. Isaac Gonzalez, 14. Jack Clements, 15. Nathan Shilley and 16. Chandler Tuupo.

Daniel, Alex and Lucus top Veteran combine

The veteran combine happened on April 3rd and Saw great performances. Lucas had a hitting rating of 105.5 which is better then a lot of NTL players. Mark was sighed right after the combine to be a stater on Fast tetherball’s push for the playoffs. Same story with Lucas. Alex Nauth, the former #1 pick impressed scouts with his all around talent. A few teams are deciding to try to sign him. But Jackson who was the starter on the AT Tetherball team earlier this year had a bad combine. His Hit rate Rating was 60.6 which is way below his best of 81.2. Overall most players did good.