2015 Legacy Tournament is All Set!

Today the seeds and dates were officially announced. The Outlaw Tournament starts on April 28th and ends on May 11th. The players in the Outlaw Tournament are 1. Andrew Margolis, 2. Mark Brasel, 3. Sean Bursek, 4. Charlie Bass, 5. Chance Chinick, 6. Lucas Hsu, 7. Daniel Koo and 9. Christian Koh. The Legacy Tournament starts an May 12th and ends on June 19th. Here are the players 1. Forest Wesley, 2. Evan Choi, 3. Grant Gardner, 4. Caden Wong, 5. Derrick Whitman, 6. Kyle Zhao, 7. Elliot Spatz , 8. David Oh, 9. Logan Blank, 10. Ian Shutlz, 11.Kevin Lieue , 12. Max Andrews, 13. Isaac Gonzalez, 14. Jack Clements, 15. Nathan Shilley and 16. Chandler Tuupo.


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