Final Scores! 2015 Legacy Tournament Day 7

Can Forest Wesley sweep Chandler Tuupo? Will Evan sweep last years runner-up Nathan Shilley ? Who will win the third game 5 seeded Derrick or 12 seeded Maxwell? Who will win a must win game 3 Ian or 7 seeded Elliot?

Live Scores

1. 1. Forest Wesley at. Chandler Tuupo 9-6 Final  Forest wins series 2-0

2. 2. Evan Choi at. Nathan Shilley 7-9 Final  Series tied 1-1

3. 5. Derrick Whitman vs. 12. Maxwell Andrews 5-9 Final  Maxwell wins series 2-1

4. 7. Elliot Spatz vs. 10. Ian Shultz 21-16 Final (6 OT)  Elliot wins series 2-1


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