BREAKING NEWS! Lucas Hsu Traded to West Coast Tetherball!

Today, Braeden Terry Tetherball announced that Lucas Hsu, would be traded to West Coast Tetherball for a 2016 first round pick and a 2017 first round pick. Lucas, was undrafted in last years draft and had a career year with a hit rating of 99.31 and 24.2 hits per game.


CWA Bandits Win 2015 NFTL World Championships!

Today, the CWA Bandits won the 2015 NFTL world championships by beating the Seattle Supernuggets 31-30 in 3 OT. The world championships started on June 5th and ended today, June 22nd. The CWA Bandits are owned by NTL player Kevin Lieue. The Seattle Supernuggets are owned by Chandler Tuupo.

Here were the other top teams: 3rd The Bulgarians, 4th USA Superstars, 5th Bellevue Terminators, 6th Japan Worriers, 7th Team Blanks and 8th was Sinn’s Best of the Best.

Elliot Spatz Named Rookie of the Year

Today, Elliot Spatz was awarded the 2015 NTL Rookie of the Year Award. It shocked a lot of players. The favorite to win was Evan Choi. Elliot had 51 votes ,while Evan only got 46 votes. The rest were: 3rd Maxwell Andrews 41 votes, 4th Chandler Tuupo 40 votes, 5th Andrew Margolis 37 votes, 6th Celeb King 28 votes, 7th Kyle Zhao 26 votes, 8th Caden Wong 20 votes, 9th Wade Boyd 16 votes and 10th David Oh 5 votes.

BREAKING NEWS! Forest Wesley is 2015 NTL MVP

Today it was announced that Forest Wesley would be the 2015 NTL MVP. These votes were cased on June 10th 2015, but were kept secret until today. Forest had 49 votes and Grant Gardner finished 2nd with 43 votes. Here were the best of the rest: 3rd Logan Blank 32 votes, 4th Evan Choi 30 votes, 5th Ian Shultz 22 votes, 6th Isaac Gonzalez 18 votes, 7th Elliot Spatz 17 votes, 8th Charlie Bass 12 votes, 9th Kevin Lieue 11 votes and 10th Chandler Tuupo 6 votes.