2015 NTL Mock Draft

With the draft one day away we made a mock draft for the whole first round and this will help you when you watch the draft.

1. Phil Mai   Grand Academy Tetherball  MLT, NEXTTL

2. Curtis Choi  Braedon Terry Tetherball MLT, NEXTTL

3. Toby Gonzalez  Hades Tetherball  MLT

4. Peter Wong   Bursek Josef-Johann  MLT, NEXTTL

5. Riley Mattingly  Daniel Jang Tetherball MLT

6. Hagit Ngyan  West Coast Tetherball MLT

7. A.J. Funstea  Aldon Lobo Tetherball NEXTTL

8. Foster Chink  TeckT  MLT

9. Kevin Koo  Seattle Needles MLT, NEXTTL

10. Byace Scott  Scott Family Tetherball


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