2016 Player of the Year: Evan Choi

Evan Choi has been named the NTL Player of the Year by the NTL and Tetherball News. Evan who has improved a ton since being a rookie. Last year he ran Forest and Grant hard before losing. This year no one has beaten him as he remains undefeated!


2015 Halloween Cup

The 2015 Halloween Cup Happened on October 31st, 2015. All three leagues competed. Here is a detailed recap.
-Results 2015 Halloween Cup

Finish Number Name Team
1 17 Forrest Wesley Grand Academy Tetherball
2 21 Evan Choi Silx Family Tetherball
3 9 Andrew Margols Performers presents Kuzman-Antolii
4 18 Kyle Zhao Calvert Enterprises
5 01 Charles Bass Bass Tetherball
6 10 Phil Mai Braedon Terry Tetherball
7 95 Chance Chanick Watkins Tetherball
8 53 Maxwell Andrews Magnati-Andoris
9 7 Grant Gardner Braedon Terry Tetherball
10 12 Chandler Tuupo Aldon Lobo Tetherball
11 63 Isaac Gonzalez Hades Tetherball W/Terence Sinn
12 34 Kevin Lieue Grand Academy Tetherball
13 17 Ian Shultz Schwarzenbach Tetherball
14 12 Curtis Choi Grand Academy Tetherball
15 37 David Oh Kuzmen-Antolii Tetherball
16 11 Riley Chang Team Malick
INJ 52 Eliot Spatz Calvert Enterprises
DNQ 26 Caden Wong Wong Sports

Week One Preview

Whose ready for some tetherball? The first game of the season was won by Grant. But what about the rest of the games? Phil Mai will face Curtis Choi in a showdown of rookies. Forest Wesley will open his season by playing Chance Chinick. Evan Choi will face Logan Blank. Isaac Gonzalez will face Peter Wong. Other notable games include:  Wade Boyd vs. Caden Wong, Ian Shultz vs. Kevin Lieue and Nathan Shilley vs. Chandler Tuupo.

Chase Falla Released by Hades Tetherball

Hades Tetherball decided it was time too trim there roster down to 5. Chase Falla was working on coming back. After he retired in December 2013, on March 24th 2015 he attended the veterans combine to try to make it back in.

He did great and Hades picked him up. They worked with him to try to scare the rust off. They sent him to there Minor League Team to work on skills. But after he finished 11th they decided to think it over. In the end they cut him.

Why the 2016 NTL Season Will be the Best!

Here are some reasons why the 2016 NTL Season will be the best. 1. Grant Gardner vs. Forest Wesley- Yes, we can’t wait for the rematch! 2. The Rookies. After the draft received so attention. We wonder if #1 pick Curtis Choi can live up to the billing. Phil Mai ( 2 time MLT champ) and Peter Wong (2015 NEXTTL champ) are the top challengers. 3. Who will be the next Forest Wesley? After Forest came out of nowhere last year, he left us asking who will be next?