A Year of What if’s  By Kevin Lieue

   This tetherball season can be said as a year of what if’s. What if Grant won the FITA World Cup and Legacy Tournament? What if  Kenneth didn’t miss the season? Those are all questions that make this season the BEST.

2015 NTL Season       By Daredevil Zeus

     The 2015 NTL season will have two conferences and 3 divisions in each of them.  Plus there will only be 30 teams and players. Our headquarters got news that Wade and Cleab and more didn’t make the cut! Anyway see ya later!

                                                                              Evan Choi the Jumper              By Ian Shultz                                                                                                      On more than one occasion Evan has been known to help you if you get the tetherball stuck to high on the pole he will help you get it down! Now for his jingle:if you ever need help getting the ball down, I will always be there to help you out. Da da da.                                                            

Ian Schultz and Conner Richardson Reach 100 career wins

   Ian and Conner both got 100 wins. Ian got his hundred on September 18th,2014 and Conner got his the next day. They’re both teammates for Germany in the 2014 world cup.

The Rookie Report:Nolan Balocco

     Nolan’s a intimidating Figure. He’s got the right height for Tetherball. Though he’s injury prone whens he’s hot and ready he can be  dangerous.Last years rank (41) will be topped for sure.                                                                                                                                                                         Kenneth castles to  Miss Half of season!

      Castles will miss half of the season this announced by Sixl Family tetherball on Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at the headquarters of Sixl family tetherballs headquarters in Tacoma . Kenneth,  drafted in the 7th pick in the first round of the 2014 draft will return in March of 2015.While Kenneth is out his subs Calvin Niu and Evan Choi will fight for the starting job.

Terence Sinn Retires!

          Yesterday,September 6th,2014 Terence Officially retired from the NTL. Sinn, whose career spanned from 2007-2014 never missed a Legacy tournament in his career.Though he never won it his best finish was  2nd in 2013 to Jack Clemons his master.

 Terence who had 2,001 wins,the most wins of all time won the minor league tournament in 2008 and 3rd in the NEXTTL tournament in 2010 was known as one of the toughest players in NTL history. Sinn was voted as the 3rd best player in the 5th anniversary of the NTL .Terence was also voted into the Tetherball hall of fame in 2015.



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