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Bring on the Legacy Tournament! Home of the 2014 NTL Champs and 2014 MLT Champs!

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Founded: 2009  Owner: Braedon Terry  Top Player: Grant Gardner  Country: USA  Team Rank: 1

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Player of the Year: Grant Gardener


#7 Grant Gardner

#15 Lucas Hsu

#17 Celeb King

#31 Daniel Koo

#50 Kevin Koo*

*= Pre-Rookie


   #7 Grant Gardner

  Grant Gardner was drafted 11th in the 2009 NTL draft by Braedon Terry Tetherball. Grant was the 2014 NTL champion by beating Nathan Shilley in the 2014 Legacy Tournament. Grant was seeded 6th, tiring Denver Schwarzenbach as the lowest seed to win. Grant was the 2009 NEXTTL champ and the 2010 MLT champ. In 2013, he was named as one of the NTL’s 25 best players of all time.

#17 Caleb King

Caleb is a rookie this year and was drafted 14th by Western Bay Tetherball. He was traded in November of 2014 to Braedon Terry Tetherball for Matt Froslen and a 2015 3rd round draft pick. Caleb is considered to be the best MLT player ever. Caleb won the MLT championship last year and in 2011. In February he hurt his ankle. He returned in April.


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