Phil Mai Beats Curtis Choi Easily

Phil Mai proved that Grand Academy Tetherball made the wrong choice in the 2015 NTL Draft, by beating Curtis Choi in a lopsided victory. In the game Phil moved Curtis around and won.


2015 NTL Draft Tracker

The 2014 NTL Draft starts on June 5th and ends on June 8th. This is a live draft tracker so you know who has been drafted and who hasn’t yet.

First Round

1. Curtis Choi  Grand Academy Tetherball

2. Phil Mai  Braedon Terry Tetherball

3. Toby Gonzalez  Hades Tetherball

4. Riley Mattingly  West Coast Tetherball (trade with B-JJ)

5. Byace Scott  Daniel Jang Tetherball (trade w/Scott Family Tetherball)

6. Peter Wong  Bursek-Josef Johann

7. Kevin Koo  Aldon Lobo Tetherball

8. Hagit Ngyan  TeckT Sports

9. Daniel Gemchu  Seattle Needles

10. Dullguun Synderburer  Sixl Family Tetherball (trade w/Danial Jang)

Second Round

11. Foster Chinick  Daniel Jang Tetherball (trade w/Sixl)

12. A.J. Funstea  Hades Tetherball (trade w/Tampa Bay)

13. Calvin Chen   Western Bay Sports

14. Sam Johnson Jr.  Hades Tetherball

15. Curt Williams   Daniel Jang Tetherball

16. Alex Nauth  Schwarzenbach Tetherball

17. Nick Liu  Seattle Tetherball

18. Jackson Antico  Schwarzenbach Tetherball(trade w/TeckT)

19. Ben Armstrong  Nashville Bros Team Sports (trade w/West Coast)

20.  Nidhi Candle  TeckT

Thrid Round

21. Sebastian Segun   Bellevue Tetherball

22. Peter Wong  West Coast Tetherball

23. Brandon Son  Koo Tetherball

24. Keith Hendershoot  Calvert Enterprises

25. Jocelyn Lee  TeckT

26. Jeremy Chu  West Coast Tetherball

27. Alec Rowland  Tampa Bay Tetherball (Trade W/Hades Tetherball)

28. Aaron Jones Jr.  TeckT(trade w/Schwarzenbach)

29. Conner Ricardson  Calvert Enterprises

30. Aslan Watkins  West Coast Tetherball (trade w/Nashville)

2015 Draft Combine Recap

The 2015 Draft Combine happened in Seattle on May 25th 2015. The draft will happen in Newport Hills on June 5th, 6th and 8th. During the draft combine we noticed a few things.

First of all, Curtis Choi was outstanding. In the combine his hit rating was 108.9, his 25 meter dash was 5.02 which is very fast. Next, Hagit Ngyan’s draft stock went down because of slow times and ratings, expect him to go in the late first round to early second round. Last but not least, Phil Mai, Toby Gonzalez, Peter Wong and other MLT Stars did great.