Norway vs. Germany: 2014 FITA World Cup Terence Sinn Champship

The final of the 2014 World Cup is Norway’s Grant Gardner vs. Germany’s Ian Shultz. Grant who beat Forest Wesley to advance to the final. Ian beat Isaac in a 22 minute game to advance. Ian though looked like he might have broke a bone but is OK. Grant said to me” I’m getting my mojo back!” Who wins the question is to be debated until the championship tomorrow .

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2014 FITA World Cup is Coming
2014 FITA World Cup Update
2014 FITA World Cup Week 1 Recap
2014 FITA World Cup Week 2 Recap

*= Second round play-offs


Finish Country
2 Norway
3 Bulgaria
1 Germany
4 Italy
9 Sweden
5 England
6 China 2
7 Kazakhstan
8 South Korea 1
10 Spain
11 Scotland
12 USA 1
13 USA 2
14 Canada
15 Mexico
16 USA 3
17* Samoa
18* China 1

2014 FITA world cup week 1 recap

The first week of the FITA world cup procedure some great upsets.In Group D Elliot Spaz and Spain surprised everyone by wining the group. In Group C Kyle Zhao and China 1 again surprised everyone by losing to USA 2’s backup Maxwell Andrews. In the second round Nathan Shilley of England almost beat Andrew Margoils of Sweden, but that game will be played again because Andrew got injured well playing.

Here are the players and Countries left: Grant Gardner(Norway), Ian Sletlz(Germany),Issac Gonzalez(Bulgaria),Forrest Wesley(Italy),Evan Choi(China 2),Elliot Spaz(Spain),Nathan Shilley(England),Andrew Margoils(Sweden),Sammal Jang(South Korea 1),Charles Bass(USA 3),Brandon Garcia(Mexico)and Kevin Lieue .