2015 Halloween Cup

The 2015 Halloween Cup Happened on October 31st, 2015. All three leagues competed. Here is a detailed recap.
-Results 2015 Halloween Cup

Finish Number Name Team
1 17 Forrest Wesley Grand Academy Tetherball
2 21 Evan Choi Silx Family Tetherball
3 9 Andrew Margols Performers presents Kuzman-Antolii
4 18 Kyle Zhao Calvert Enterprises
5 01 Charles Bass Bass Tetherball
6 10 Phil Mai Braedon Terry Tetherball
7 95 Chance Chanick Watkins Tetherball
8 53 Maxwell Andrews Magnati-Andoris
9 7 Grant Gardner Braedon Terry Tetherball
10 12 Chandler Tuupo Aldon Lobo Tetherball
11 63 Isaac Gonzalez Hades Tetherball W/Terence Sinn
12 34 Kevin Lieue Grand Academy Tetherball
13 17 Ian Shultz Schwarzenbach Tetherball
14 12 Curtis Choi Grand Academy Tetherball
15 37 David Oh Kuzmen-Antolii Tetherball
16 11 Riley Chang Team Malick
INJ 52 Eliot Spatz Calvert Enterprises
DNQ 26 Caden Wong Wong Sports

CWA Bandits Win 2015 NFTL World Championships!

Today, the CWA Bandits won the 2015 NFTL world championships by beating the Seattle Supernuggets 31-30 in 3 OT. The world championships started on June 5th and ended today, June 22nd. The CWA Bandits are owned by NTL player Kevin Lieue. The Seattle Supernuggets are owned by Chandler Tuupo.

Here were the other top teams: 3rd The Bulgarians, 4th USA Superstars, 5th Bellevue Terminators, 6th Japan Worriers, 7th Team Blanks and 8th was Sinn’s Best of the Best.

2015 NFTL World Championships Down to 8 Teams!

There is only 8 teams left in the NFTL World Championships now! They are (1) Seattle Supernuggets, (2) CWA Bandits, (3) USA Superstars, (4) Sinn’s Best of the Best, (5) The Bulgarians, (6) Bellevue Terminators, (7) Team Blanks and (8) Peace Out Boy Scots Presents Samoa/ Japan Worriers*. The world championships started on June 5th and will end on the 22nd.

*= These two teams will play a tiebreaker game