Throwback Thursday: 2014 Josef-Johann Holidays Cup Championship

In the 2014 NTL season, Logan Blank and Terence Sinn were neck and neck for first the whole season. In October 2014, Terence’s team and Logan’s team wanted to have the two players to play each other. It took some time but the finally agreed.

The game was planed for January 16th 2014. It was advertised as the game of the century. On the day of the event, Terence and Logan were ready and set. No one knew that it would go down as on of the greatest games in history.

Terence and Logan won back and forth, with the game tied at 3 at halftime. Then Logan took the lead with 20 seconds left. Then Terence won right when the buzzer sounded and tied it at 8.

The judges gave it as a tie with Terence forcing overtime. But then they checked the rule book and reviewed the game and waved off Terence’s win. Logan would go on to dominate the rest of the season while Terence lost to Grant as a 11 seed and finished the season 9th.