Central Washington Bandits

We Are One!

2015 NFTL World Champions!

Central Washigton Bandits logo

CWA Bandits

Team Rank: 2  Owner: Kevin Lieue

  Kevin Lieue founded the Central Washington Bandits and turned them into one of the elite teams quickly. They are based in Central Washington and are one of the big three teams in Fantasy Tetherball.

Top News


CWA Bandits Win 2015 NFTL World Championships!



S Grant Gardner  S Kevin Lieue  S Andrew Margolis  S Evan Choi  S Wade Boyd


R Chance Chinck  R Jack Clements  R Daniel Gemchu


B Nate Tomas  B Kevin Koo  B Jared Nakamisha


2015 NFTL World Championships

Round One  Sweden Royals 4-9 CWA Bandits

Round One  Western World 1-6 CWA Bandits

Round One  WTC Badgers 5-11 CWA Bandits

Round 2 Cherry Rose Presents Minis 7-10 CWA Bandits

Round of 16  Argentina’s 10-12 CWA Bandits

Round of 8  CWA Bandits 9-6 Sinn’s Best of the Best

Semifinals  The Bulgarians 13-14 CWA Bandits

Finals Seattle Supernuggets 31-10 CWA Bandits

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