Grand Academy Tetherball

 Welcome to the Official Website of Grand Academy Tetherball

Home of the 2015 NTL Champions and Legacy Tournament Champs! 

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Founded: 2011  Owner: Curt Williams  Country: USA  Team Rank 3

Top News

 2015 LT  2015-ntl-season-logo.png

Forest Wesley is the 2015 NTL Champion!   Forest Wesley is the 2015 NTL MVP!


#17 Forest Wesley

#34 Kevin Lieue

#0 Curtis Choi

# 2 Sem Bakker

#88 Keith Hendershott


#17 Forest Wesley

Forest has been playing Tetherball since the NTL was created. He was drafted 2nd in the 2009 NTL Draft. In his first few seasons he wasn’t very good. Before in 2014 Forest blossomed and became one of the best Tetherball players in the NTL. He is 30-0 and got the #1 seed in the NTL Legacy Tournament. Then he beat Grant Gardner in the finals 2-1. He was awarded the 2015 NTL MVP.

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