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7 Grant Gardner

Nickname: Monster Yeti Experience: 6 seasons Team: Braedon Terry

  Grant Gardner was drafted 11th in the 2009 NTL draft by Braedon Terry Tetherball. Grant was the 2014 NTL champion by beating Nathan Shilley in the 2014 Legacy Tournament. In 2009 Grant won the NEXTTL title, the next year he won the MLT championship. In 2015, Grant finished 27-3 in the regular season and lost to Forest in the 2015 NTL Finals. Grant continues to be one of the best players.

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2015 LT                         Since 2009

Grant loses to Forest in Finals        Grant Gardner is 2014 Holidays Cup Champion

Career Stats 

Year Final Rank Team
2009 1 Braedon Terry Tetherball
2010 1 Braedon Terry Tetherball
2011 16 Braedon Terry Tetherball
2012 6 Braedon Terry Tetherball
2013 7 Braedon Terry Tetherball
2014 1 Braedon Terry Tetherball

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Timeline Feature 


2009 NEXTTL Rookie of The Year

 Grant wins rookie of the year after winning the NEXTTL champship

5 thoughts on “Grant Gardner

    • Agreed. He was an all- star. I remember watching him in the finals and when he won everybody went crazy. Personally, he was a cool player to watch. He was heart broken when he chipped his tooth though. It was a very scary injury. Nobody knew if he would come back but he did. I remember making this league with Kevin. I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with him and I had a great time.

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