Hades Tetherball

Official Home of Hades Tetherball

We will WIN! Home of the 2015 Outlaw Tournament Champs, 2012 MVP and the 2013 Rookie of the Year!


Founded: 2010  Owner: Wyatt Veledmen  Top Player: Isaac Gonzalez  Country: USA  Team Rank: 3

Top News

NTL 2015 Vcombine

                                                                            Alex Nauth Sighed to Hades Tetherball


#63 Isaac Gonzalez

#1 Charlie Bass

#00 David Shin

#4 Alex Nauth

#16 Toby Gonzalez*

*=Pre rookie


#63 Isaac Gonzalez

 Isaac Gonzalez first started playing tetherball in the NEXTTL’s and then in 2013 (after winning the 2013 NEXTTL MVP and winning the NEXTTL Cup), he was drafted 11th in the second round by Hades Tetherball. Hades Tetherball’s owner was his friend Wyatt Veldmen. Also Terence Sinn saw his talent and helped him a bit.

  He was named rookie of the year and finished 16th in the final standings.  The next year he was seeded 5th in the Legacy Tournament and finished 8th. Then in late 2014 he was third in the 2014 FITA World Cup.

#1 Charlie Bass

 Charlie Bass was undrafted in 2009 and sighed as a free agent with TeckT. In 2009 he was the 1 seed heading in to the Legacy Tournament. He lost in the first round to 16 seeded Nathan Shilley.  Then the next year he was 9th. Then in 2011 he went 27-3 and tied with Denver in the final. ( because of the lockout the final game was never played as both of them got a share of the championship). In 2012 he retired.

 Then in 2014 he returned and was drafted 2nd. He said,”Now I know how it feels to be drafted.” He 42nd though to the disappointment of many fans because of missing half of the season with injury. In 2015 he went 19-11 and earned the 4 seed in the Outlaw Tournament. He beat Chance and Lucas to make it to the final where he beat Mark in 3 games.


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