Isaac Gonzalez


63 Isaac Gonzalez  

Nickname: none Experience: 2 seasons Team: Hades Tetherball

  Isaac Gonzalez is one of the top players this year. Though he wasn’t drafted high in 2013. His frinead/team owner (the great Wyatt Veldman) got him into playing tetherball. Not only did Isaac have Wyatt but also Terence Sinn the great legend. Last season Isaac was the 5 seed in the Legacy Tournament he finished 8th. This season he looks better. He took Third in the 2014 FITA World Cup.

Visit Isaac’s  Official blog!

Top News for Isaac Gonzelez

                                                                                                                                                 FITA WC     TN logo

Bulgaria&Isaac Gonzalez are second    Player of the month: Isaac Gonzalez

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