Jack Clemonts

Clemonts Tetherball

99 Jack Clemons

Nickname: Coach Potato God and Canadian Bacon Experience: 7th season Team: Clements Tetherball

  Jack Clements is one of the greatest tetherball players ever. After being drafted in 2009 in that same season he was 2nd in the same season( he lost to Sean Bursek in the championship). In 2010 the same thing happened. The next season he was third. In 2012 he lost to Adonis Baker in the championship. Then finally in 2013 he beat he apprentice Terence Sinn. Yup he trained Terence. In 2014 he had his worst season ever he bowed out by losing to Nathan Shilley in the first round of the 2014 Legacy Tournament. He finished 10th. He is the 14 seed in the 2015 Legacy Tournament.

Top News for Jack Clements

2015 LT

    Tournament Memories: Jack Clements wins the 2013 NTL Championship


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