Leo Ohata

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#42 Leo Ohata

Nickname: N/A  Career: 1 Season  Team: Hades Tetherball

  Leo Ohata is one of the most respected players in tetherball history. He only played one season, but was a great player in that one season. Leo was drafted with the 10th pick in the 2013 NTL Draft by Permovers presents Kuzman-Antoill. After the draft he was traded to Hades Tetherball.

 Leo started with a bang! In his first week in January, he was rookie of the month and rank 18. He set a record as the highest ranked rookie in the first week (It was later broken in 2014 by Elliot Spatz). He finished the season strong by making the first Outlaw Tournament and was finished 3rd. In 2015 he barely missed the first HOF class, in 6th place.

Top News

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2015 NTL Hall of Fame Class Announced!

Career Stats

Year Final Rank Team HPG HR
2014 20 Permovers/Hades 23.3 106.54



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Drafted tenth in the 2013 NTL Draft by Permovers presents Kuzman-Antoill


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