MLT Tetherball League

MLT New logo

The MLT is the step between the NEXTTL and NTL. It was Founded in 2009 .The league is a very competitive league with pre rookies to veterans.

Number Name Team Country Rank
26 Phil Mai West Coast Tetherball USA 1
66 Peter Wong Bursek-Josef Johann Development team USA 2
2 Hagit Nguyen Permovers Presents Kuzmen-Antoiil Philippines Ir list
51 Toby Gonzalez Hades Tetherball Mexico 3
16 Byace Scott Noah Scott Tetherball USA 4
33 Foster Chink Terence Sinn Tetherball USA 5
39 Riley Mattingly TeckT England 6
12 Curtis Choi Sixl Family Tetherball China 7
15 Alex Nauth Hades Tetherball USA 8
22 Rowan Brone Schwarzenbach Tetherball Japan 9
1 Aslan Watkins All the Best Hotels Tetherball USA 10
5 Chase Falla Falla TT USA 11
10 Daniel Gemchu Grand Academy Ethiopia 12
23 Jackson Antico TeckT Spain 13
3 Riley Chang Aldon Lobo Tetherball Japan 14
7 Nolan Blaco Aldon Lobo Tetherball Australia 15

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