NEXTTL Tetherball League

NEXTTL new logo

The NEXTTL series was founded in 2009 as the step for young players to go to the MLT and then the NTL. Also Vets play to try and get back into the NTL.

Players and Teams

Number Name Team Country Rank
26 Phil Mai West Coast Tetherball USA 1
66 Peter Wong Bursek-Josef Johann Development team USA 2
2 Hagit Nguyen Permovers Presents Kuzmen-Antoiil Philippines 3
7 A.J. Funstea Brooklyn TC USA 4
16 Byace Scott Noah Scott Tetherball USA 5
12 Curtis Choi Sixl Family Tetherball China 6
15 Alex Nauth Hades Tetherball USA 7
22 Rowan Brone Schwarzenbach Tetherball Japan 8
1 Aslan Watkins All the Best Hotels Tetherball USA 9
5 Chase Falla Falla TT USA 10
10 Daniel Gemchu Grand Academy Ethiopia 11
23 Jackson Antico TeckT Spain 12

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