NTL Tetherball League

Since 2009

The NTL was founded in 2009 as the American tetherball  association. It is the worlds top league with players all over the world.

Top News

Since 2009          Capture 5

Players and Teams

Number Name Team Country
7 Grant Gardner Braedon Terry Tetherball Norway
8 Ian Shutlz Schwarzenbach Tetherball Germany
17 Forest Wesley Grand Academy Tetherball Itlay
21 Evan Choi Sixl Family Tetherball China
63 Isaac Gonzelez Hades Tetherball Bulgaria
64 Caden Wong West Coast Tetherball China
77 Wade Boyd West Coast Tetherball Canada
5 Chandler Tuupo Aldon Lobo Tetherball Samoa
52 Elliot Spatz Calvert Enterprises Spain
12 Kyle Zhao Calvert Enterprises China
9 Andrew Margolis Permovers Presents Kuzman-Antoill Sweden
99 Jack Clemons Clemons Tetherball England
6 Sean Bursek Bursek Josef-Johann Holland
35 Logan Blank Josh Hoffman Tetherball USA
22 Derrick Whittman Aldon Lobo Tetherball Presents Jacob’s Mart USA
2 David Oh Bursek Josef-Johann South Korea
34 Kevin Lieue Grand Academy Tetherball USA
5 Maxwell Andrews Hades Tetherball Presents Tampa Bay TC USA
10 Nathan Shilley Aldon Lobo Tetherball England
3 Carlos Golan Daniel Jang Tetherball USA
1 Charlie Bass Hades Tetherball USA
07 Mark Brasel Braedon Terry Tetherball Scotland
15 Lucas Hsu Braedon Terry Tetherball USA
95 Chance Chinick Watkins Tetherball USA
31 Danial Koo Danial Jang Tetherball South Korea
11 Christian Koh Sixl Family Tetherball South Korea
01 Sebastian Sagun Bellevue Tetherball USA

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