The Ranks and standings are the leagues way of who is 1st or 2nd.Note: The ranks get updated every week or month.                                                

Name Team Rank
Cleab King Western Bay 26
Grant Gardner Braeden Terry Tetherball 3
Forrest Wesley Italy Sports 1
Issac Gonzalez Hades Tetherball 14
Ian Sletz Swanzenbach Tetherball 10
Conner Ricardson Clemonts Tetherball 31
Kyle Zhao/Elliot Spaz Calvert Enterprises 6 & 7
Wade Boyd/ Caden Wong West coast tetherball 5
Andrew Margols Performers presents Kuzmen-Antoli 17
Logan Blank Josh Hoffman Tetherball 9
Nathan Shilley Aldon Lobo Tetherball 16
Evan Choi Silx Family Tetherball 2


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