Sean Bursek

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6 Sean Bursek

Nickname: N/A  Experience: 7 seasons  Team: Bursek- Josef Johann Tetherball

 Sean Bursek was drafted 6th in the 2009 NTL Draft by Calvert Enterprises. Later that day Calvert traded him to Seattle Tetherball Team for #1 pick Alex Nauth and a 3rd rounder. In his first season Sean was 100-30 and won the championship over Jack 2-1 and was named MVP. The next year he was 89-41 and beat…..Jack again in the championship winning finals MVP and runner-up to Jack for the MVP. Then the next year he lost to Jack in the semifinal and retired.

A year later he came back on February 10th 2013. He finished 21st. Then in the 2014 Season he finished 18th and was a 2 seed in the first ever Outlaw Tournament. He finished 2nd and lost in the final to Forest with a final rank of 18. In 2015 Sean finished 19-11, 1 win from being a 16 seed in the Legacy Tournament. Then as a 3 seed in the Outlaw Tournament he lost to Lucas Hsu. He finished the season rank 21. Then on May 8th 2015 he retired.

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Breaking News Sean Bursek Retires!


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